Research center

Aoxing Stevia has a perfect R&D center including the standard laboratory, extraction laboratory and the inter-component testing workshop. R&D center is equipped with 3 sets of high-performance liquid chromatography, as well as a full set of test equipment. Aoxing Stevia has a sound R & D center and we have actively participated in the research and technological exchanges of this field. Every year there are renowned experts and researchers visiting Aoxing Stevia to teach science knowledge and guide the research. After many years of technology accumulation, the advantages on the research of Aoxing Stevia have become increasingly prominent. The researching results are directly applied on the production practice to create a new era of stevia sugar application.

We are fully aware that whether a new specification or product can walk from the laboratory to the large-scale production and to the customers to gain recognition is not only depend on the accurate design of researchers or the exact testing results, but also depend on our salesmen’s full understanding of customers’ need, the maturity of testing method and the controlling of technique index. We standardize the research and development process, collaborate with different departments, and even take part in the front-line of sales and production to obtain relevant data. Through our unremitting efforts and constant improvement, we're proud to be the first to launch Reb-A 98 and develop no bitter aftertaste series which are our unique products in the industry. The introduction of new products not only benefited customers, but also upgraded the brand of Aoxing Stevia in the stevia sugar industry.