Production center

Aoxing Stevia is currently the major production base of stevia sugar in the world, and is the focus of agricultural industrialization leading enterprises. We have first-class production technology, research and development technology, detection technology. Aoxing Stevia has five advanced production lines of the extraction of stevia sugar with the annual output of 1000 tons. In the year of 2008, Aoxing Stevia invested to construct the 300,000 expansion of the aseptic packaging workshop and strictly implemented ISO9001, ISO22000 international quality and safety standard. It has had the modern and standard production capacity of stevia sugar.

During the 30 years, we have been developing innovatively, and have used the most advanced extraction technology to the production of stevia sugar. We have adopted the technology of counter-current extraction and membrane separation, and in the leading level in the world. We have given an all-round advancement on the traditional technology. The production quality is upgraded and its series are perfected.